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Things I bought in Hong Kong

Oh, here are all my photos from HK. Anyway, mostly for self-reference, these are (most of) the things I bought in HK (excluding food and travel expenses):

  • One pair of pants
  • Three tourist t-shirts. I bought some that cost a bit more than the ones in Mong Kok, because I thought the text was more correctly printed! But it still had mistakes… 🙁 Well the t-shirts themselves are okay I guess, and it wasn’t supperexpensive, so I shouldn’t complain.
  • Kirby slippers
    Kirby slippers 
  • 4 posters (Bleach, Fate/stay night, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy: Advent Children)
  • Laptop cooler pad (a really cheap one that doesn’t really work all that well)
  • Rubber air pump, like the ones used for cleaning camera lenses (or for sucking snot out of noses)
    Rubber air blower

  • 802.11n wireless router + USB adapter (Belkin, I found out later that Belkin isn’t a very good brand. Ah well, at least it kind of works, just installed and left the router in HK anyhow…)
  • Wireless mouse (I didn’t realize it was PS/2 instead of USB… but it costed only 20 HKD, so I guess it’s almost ok even if I haven’t found out where to use it yet)
  • A hooded sweater (my parents bought it actually)
  • Sunglasses that are kind of curved, making me slightly dizzy when walking around with them
  • Umbrella that can open and close at the click of the button! (My old one broke.)
  • Card holder wallet with many transparent pages. I like these since I can show my ID card and bus tickets without having to take them out of my wallet.
  • Key holder wallet, my old one was getting kind of dirty and frail, also it was Camel-branded, so I didn’t really like it much.
  • Mobile phone belt clip holster. Now I don’t need to worry about the phone being scratched by my keys! So I don’t really need the key holder wallet as much… but it does prevent the keys from pricking my legs.
  • Bigger shoulder bag (since the old one couldn’t fit A4 papers)
    Shoulder bag
  • Thin jacket, got kind of tired of always using the green one when it was too warm for thick jackets and too cold to go out without a jacket.
  • A pack of tack-its. It was an impulse buy, mostly.
  • Self-adhesive velcro bands to try and fix the broken velcro on my old bag. Didn’t work too well, as expected. Bought a new bag anyway.
  • Scissors (to cut the velcro bands)
  • More rechargable batteries, haven’t even used them yet. But it’s good to have spares.
    GP 2700 rechargable batteries
  • Computer screwdriver set. With lots of fun screwdriver heads, even triangle ones and mini hexagonal ones!
  • Sasuke minipillow. It was at sale! 20 HKD! I think. Or was it 10? Don’t even remember.
    Sasuke pillow 

Hmm, the list did turn out to be longer than I expected. A lot of the stuff are cheap small items though… So I guess it’s probably a very boring list.

Whenever I look at the HK photos, these things seem to catch my eyes the most:

Ice cream More ice cream Shiny cakes

I think I need to find to find a place in Oslo that sells ice cream parfaits/sundaes. Or I should start making it myself. Although that might be dangerous. At least when I have to buy it expensively, that will prevent me from eating it too often…


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Back from Hong Kong

While I did briefly consider blogging when I was in Hong Kong, I eventually found that there just wasn’t enough time. Most of the days I went out shortly after getting up, and was too tired to do much after I got back home. I’ll try to roughly summarize what I’ve been doing.

  Tue Dec 16th
On the plane to Hong Kong
Flying to HK
Wed Dec 17th
Family dinner
Relaxing at home, family dinner
Thu Dec 18th
Fri Dec 19th
The Modern Toilet restaurant
Seeing some Glasgow friends, shopping in Mong Kok, going to the toilet 
Sat Dec 20th
Playing at the beach
Playing at the beach 
Sun Dec 21th
Visiting relatives
Visiting relatives, pon choi family dinner 
Mon Dec 22nd
Karaoke, Korean BBQ 
Tue Dec 23rd
Jule and Stella and me
Met Stella and Julie, saw Twilight
Wed Dec 24th
Building furniture
Putting together some furniture for our new house
Thu Dec 25th
Maggie and me
Met Maggie and Jonas and Ken, then went home for Christmas BBQ party
Fri Dec 26th
Goldfish in Metro City Plaza (in Po Lam)
Met some Norway family friends in Po Lam
Sat Dec 27th
Ate sushi with Jimmy and Ivy, went to the Peak with them and William
Sun Dec 28th
Mega Show something
Mega Showcase convention, electronics and food! Dinner with mother’s old classmate. 
Mon Dec 29th
Ivy's last day
Meeting with Ivy one last time before she leaves HK 
Tue Dec 30th
Waiting for the Peak tram
The Peak again, this time with my family and some cousins 
Wed Dec 31th
Mandy and me
Met Mandy, watched Ip Man with family and Glasgow friends, saw the countdown back home on TV 
Thu Jan 1st
Some temple
Went to some garden and temple, ate vegetarian food, also family dinner party in the evening 
Fri Jan 2nd
Some shopping in Sheung Shui, also cake! 
Sat Jan 3rd
Shopping on Mong Kok, cake and hotpot at aunt Cheng’s home 
Sun Jan 4th
Church, shopping and eating in Sheung Shui 
Mon Jan 5th
Overflowing luggage
Golden Computer Arcade, packing luggage 
Tue Jan 6th
IKEA, more cakes, last family dinner in Hong Kong 
Wed Jan 7th
At the airport
Bye bye Hong Kong…

I kind of feel like I didn’t get to shop as much as I wanted to. But meeting friends and family is fun of course! And also I should bring a bigger trunk next time if I really intend to shop so much…

Oh, there are a bit more photos on Facebook: part 1, part 2, part 3


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