Minicinema in my bedroom

July 28


I was cleaning my room, and just suddenly got the idea to set up the old projector and subwoofer in my room. Works quite sweet!

I first set the projector on a chair on my table, but I realized it’d be too inconvenient having to take it up and down all the time, so I moved it to my clothes drawer (not shown on photo, but it’s on the opposite wall, obviously). The drawback is that it’s impossible to see anything when it’s light outside. But of course, when it’s light outside I should probably not stay inside and watch movies rather than going out…

Anyway, it’s quite comfy to lie on my bed watching stuff! I put my laptop on a chair and move it next to my bed so I can control the movie without having to get up. Yes, if I’m going to be comfy, might as well go all the way.

The two speakers are visible under the canvas, the subwoofer is under my desk and isn’t visible in this photo.


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