Norway FTW!

May 18

I didn’t really follow the Eurovision Song Contest much, but I watched most of the finals, mostly because I was skyping with a friend who then said she’d go and watch the contest. So I decided to turn on the TV to have the contest as background noise while doing dishes and other house work. It was kind of fun watching Norway crush the other finalists when voting started I guess, but most of the songs just seemed pretty generic. *shrugs*

May 17th was okay, went out a bit with the youth group, talked with Tina who’d been studying in Bournemouth for a year and finally came back to Oslo. (She did come back for Christmas, but then I was in Hong Kong.) Then we went to my parents house for barbeque (had to find a bus stop which wasn’t blocked off by the celebration parade), and we played some games and ate barbeque food. It was okay I guess.

Didn’t take any photos though… Well, here’s a random photo of some yummy cheese toasts I had for breakfast some time ago.


Oh, I went to the doctor last Friday for a general health check. Apparently I’m perfectly healthy! But the results from my blood samples aren’t here yet. I wanted to find out what exact kind of pollen allergy I had, and if I had any form for gluten or lactose intoleranse. Since I feel that I often have to go to the toilet after breakfast. But then again, maybe I just need to wash my hands more properly before eating with my hands.

Just for the sake of adding another photo, here’s a new one of my living room, with the new furniture and also curtains that I got from my parents:


I guess I’ll head to bed now, it’s getting late.


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