August 31

Last week was pretty “busy” so to say. Wednesday I went to church to play board games with Vilhelm, Enoch and some of Enoch’s friends. I played horribly bad though, probably because I was tired from being superbusy at work. My colleague at work had the day off, and of course everybody had to have tons of problems just that day, making my day rather miserable from walking around helping people with everything.

Fun! Also, nobody expects this card!

Thursday we had our youth meeting as usual. Friday I went to IKEA with Elin, Leon, Minh Thu, Stella, Vilhelm and Timothy to buy stuff for the youth room at church. Bought a clock, some decorative items and some kitchen utilities. My brothers then went to my house for playing games and watching movies, it was kind of nice. Watched Ong Bak, which really was pretty much like any Hong Kong action movie, with some funny slapstick stunts and a couple of pretty cool fighting scenes. Except everybody spoke Thai.

Saturday evening we went to an uncle’s place to eat dinner. There we watched an old Michael Jackson movie, dubbed to Cantonese. Luckily they hadn’t dubbed the songs. But the movie was more of a music video, or rather, a bunch of music videos strung together. Still kind of funny seeing Michael Jackson turn into a futuristic car, a giant robot and then a spaceship.

On Sunday the youth were in charge of the church service, and we had Trygve come to preach. In the evening I went to my parents’ home to eat “Vietnamese spring rolls”, or summer rolls as it seems like it’s called, according to Wikipedia. We had chicken and shrimp and wrapped them with peanuts and various vegetables, then ate it. It was pretty good!

File:Summer roll.jpg Photo taken from Wikipedia, not from my actual dinner.

Oh, and finally, this last weekend I finally got tired of my N95 having troubles with old software left on the memory card that I couldn’t install or uninstall, so I reformatted the memory card, and eventually also my phone. My biggest problem with the whole process was that when I copied my MP3 collection back to the memory card, the phone hung on trying to update the music library! Even after leaving it on “Updating library” for the whole night didn’t do anything… After a couple more reformats, I eventually found that if I connected the phone in “Music player” mode and then copied the songs over, it would automatically add them to the library, without needing to reupdate it afterwards. Unfortunately I had tried to make syncing work in Windows Media Player, and it seemed like Windows Media Player messed up a lot of my MP3 tags… So I had to go through my library and retag a bunch of songs. But at least I got to clean out a lot of other tag errors that had been there for a long time (mostly wrong artist names).

After that, I simply set up Wi-Fi and then resynced my phone with GooSync to get all my GMail contacts and Google calendar events back on my phone. GooSync is an excellent service and I think it was really worth it buying a Lifetime subscription from them! Other than that, I’ve been reinstalling lots of apps on the phone. I also found a lot of new apps that I didn’t have before, but which are pretty sweet:

  • Youtube mobile
  • Skyfire – a new web browser for mobile phones, seems to work pretty well!
  • MDictionary – a free dictionary with several language packs to download. I installed the English/Swedish and English/Chinese (simplified) dictionary
  • Pixelpipe – I used to use Shozu for uploading photos to Facebook from my mobile, but now it’s not free to download anymore. But Pixelpipe seems like it might even work better than Shozu, since it uses Nokia’s builtin sharing function. Haven’t tested it yet though.
  • I also installed a lot of apps from Nokia Beta Labs, like Ovi Maps (the newest Nokia maps application), a magnifier program, a program for geotagging my photos, and various others.

Yeah, instead of bloating this blog post any more, I guess maybe I should just write a separate blog post with the N95 apps I liked the most. Later. Should head to bed, I wanted to go to bed earlier today, but I ended up spending too much time on installing mobile apps, writing this blog post and also adding album art to my MP3 collection… There’s just never enough time in the evening to do all the stuff I want to do.

I also spent some time today playing through The Path with the rest of the game characters. I got this game from a Steam weekend deal, 10 indie game pack. This game isn’t really much of a game, but more of an, uh, story. A visual novel, so to say, except there’s very little text. Honestly, I don’t really think I was able to enjoy the game that much. It’s an “interpretation” kind of story, where everything in the game is symbolism for things in real life, emotions, growing up, those kinds of things. But I guess I’m the kind of person who prefers shounen stories, where things are mostly straight-forward, fight the bad guys kind of simplicity. Well, it was kind of interesting getting to know the girls’ personalities through their thoughts in the game, their descriptions on the website and their fictional LifeJournals. But I doubt I’m going to try and play the game much more, with all the other games waiting for me to play through them.

Anyways, bed.


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