Summer Camp 2013

July 19

Went to Training Week and Summer Camp for a total of two weeks, it was fun! Had fun with lots of youth, and pastor Enoch’s sermons are always great listening to. But unless I actually change my life according to the things he’s preached I guess it’s no use talking about how good or bad the sermons were… I’ll have to do my best to remember the things he’s said and try to apply them to my life.

Pastor Enoch and me

Pastor Enoch and me

I must admit I haven’t been keeping up with devotions for quite a while. They were selling “My Utmost For His Highest” at our youth camp’s book store this year. I already bought a copy of this book a few years ago, but I never finished reading it. So I started reading it again to try and at least read some bible verses every day. It is supposedly a very good devotion book, but even this “updated language” version does have some sentences that are somewhat hard to understand. Each devotion is quite short though, so even reading through them multiple times to try to understand them doesn’t take that long.

My Utmost For His Highest

My Utmost For His Highest

Also I saw some sheep at the camp. I thought they were supposed to be fenced in? Too bad they ran away, never saw more sheep after that. They must have figured that staying around Chinese people was a bad idea.

Don't run away, sheep!

Don’t run away, sheep!


This week Oslo has been quite hot, around 25°C almost every day. I’ve been relaxing out on my balcony on my foldable hammock for half hour or so every evening, it’s sweet! I still haven’t tried to eat while lying on the hammock. I’m 79% sure that it would end with me falling off the hammock and dropping the food on the floor. So I just eat first and hammock later.

It's hammock time!

It’s hammock time!


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