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November 17th 2003 kl 14:00

What a bummer. I came to school, but forgot there are no lectures today. But, at least maybe I can concentrate a bit better on doing math. As long as I can wrestle myself away from the computer, and find a computer-free room…

I need a picture. Hmm..

There! Sweet ah? If you click on the image, you’ll go to the site where I found that wallpaper. (It was bigger originally.) You’ll have to click on Game Wallpapers in the top-left corner first.

Now I’m going to do my math homework. Really!


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November 5th 2003 kl 19:41

Edit: Changed the About me page!

I finally translated my website to English! But I won’t translate all my old newsposts to English, though…

I’ve also finally done almost all the math homework for the previous weeks. I was just going to take a break, but then I got into this infinite loop of doing random things on the computer. I’ll try and do more homework when I’m done updating the website, I guess…

See the image on the right? That’s the reason why my cell phone (Nokia 3650) is way cooler than any phone anyone else have. Hah! (I can play gameboy games on my cell phone!) But I guess most people don’t care. Meh.

My cousin Eric was here last week. Sadly I didn’t spend all that much time with him, because I had so much homework…

As a side note: is a cool movie.


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