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Half a year of my life

So apparently it’s been over 8 months since last time I updated my blog!

I think the reason is that when I get home from work I don’t really feel like doing much besides gaming and watching Netflix, so usually I’ve been doing random stuff like blogging and cleaning the house on Saturdays. But since summer 2014, I haven’t really had many Saturdays “off”, because I’m almost always spending time with family, friends or church. And the few Saturdays I have left usually goes to cleaning (and gaming). Honestly I’m feeling somewhat exhausted most of the time, to the point where I’d rather just stay home during vacations rather than go travelling… Last Christmas (2014) I actually did stay home most of the time except a few days I spent with my brothers, since we didn’t go to Hong Kong with our parents.

Still, I’ve been trying to keep being social as much as possible, and I have travelled a few times. Went to Amsterdam last summer with my parents, where we ate a lot of Chinese food and visited family. Went to a friend’s wedding in Sweden, to Bergen to visit the youth there and also went to a wedding there later, visited friends in Gothenburg, went to Trysil on a ski trip with the youth group and to Tromsø with my cousin to try to see the Northern lights, though it was cloudy almost all the time so we didn’t really see much.

Oysters in Amsterdam

Oysters in Amsterdam

The cousin I mentioned is a cousin from Hong Kong who’s studying in Norway as an exchange student, she’s staying at my parents’ place, so I try to hang out with her when I can.

Polaria Museum in Tromsø

Polaria Museum in Tromsø. You can pet these corals and crabs! The water is very cold though.

I try to play games on the weekdays when I don’t have to go to church or visit family in the evening, but I’ve mostly given up trying to keep track of how many games I intend to play. After buying almost every Humble Bundle since the start, plus games I’ve bought regularly or during Steam sales, I currently have 763 games on Steam, which according to this web site might take over 6000 hours to play through. This is in addition to games I have on Wii U and 3DS and other consoles… While there are some games I’ve already finished, plus many games from Humble Bundle that I probably will never play, there are still quite a number of games that I intend to play. So I just play the games as I go and gave up trying to keep track of how many I have left.

MH4U Guild Card photoMH4U Guild Card

Currently I’m playing quite a lot of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, also I started playing Murdered: Soul Suspect and Dreamfall Chapters that I kickstarted a while ago. Of the games I’ve played since the last blog update, some of the most memorable are Captain Toad (adorable puzzle game), Arkham Origins (this game looked awesome in 3D Vision!), Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons (also nice in 3D Vision, and the story is rather touching), Among the Sleep (another kickstarted game, baby horror with a twist I didn’t expect at the end), finished the rest of the episodes in The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us (choices are so hard!), Danganronpa 2 (more murder mystery and you get to know what happened to some of the characters from the first game), Guacamelee (“Metroidvania” 2-player coop game, played it with my youngest brother, some of the platforming puzzles were so, so difficult…), Bayonetta 2 (stylish and epic action game, I especially remember the part where you are surfing on a water tornado while fighting a giant dragon boss monster), Hyrule Warriors (was fun for a while, but got tired of the grinding in the end, after beating the story mode).

I’m still paying for Netflix and Crunchyroll subscriptions, and I usually watch some shows whenever I do house work or eat dinner. I just finished watching How I Met Your Mother (and I think I agree with a lot of fans that the ending was somewhat disappointing), I’ve gotten to season 8 on Supernatural (the plot in this show isn’t really that strong, but the dialogue and writing in general is pretty funny), I started watching Log Horizon and Sword Art Online because I was curious about the similar premises of both shows, but both these and Arrow really weren’t good enough that I got excited about watching each new episode. Parasyte: The Maxim was awesome though, and Terra Formars was quite enjoyable even with the extreme censorship black boxes and being only 13 episodes. And it still caught up to how far the manga has been translated to English so far, still waiting for new volumes of the manga to get the rest of the story. Started watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, which is hilariously old-school shounen, even though the animation is new. Also looking forward to the upcoming new season of Gintama! Just found out that J-Stars Victory VS is going to be localized too, sweet! Actually got the Japanese version of the game, but it was a pain not knowing what they are saying.

Gintama is back!

Gintama is back!

As I mentioned before I would’ve liked to update the blog more often instead of writing a big bunch of text every time I update, but so far I haven’t been able to make myself do that… It would’ve been better if each blog post was about a single subject. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes.

Happy Easter!


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TV Shows, Video Games And Baking Bread

I recently started watching the new Hunter X Hunter anime, it’s quite an enjoyable show. Even though I already know the story from the manga, it was still nice to see it again. I like hearing the characters thoughts and reasons for the things they’re doing, and how the characters change throughout the series. Not just the main characters, even the enemies are (sometimes) shown as more than just “people to defeat”, but as people with various goals and doubts.

Hunter X Hunter

On Netflix I’ve been watching Suits, Breaking Bad and House of Cards. My brother was saying how House of Cards is basically the same type of show as Breaking Bad, and I guess it is not a bad comparison. I found both of these shows enjoyable, but rather depressing to watch. But then again, some of my other favorite non-sitcom shows, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are really quite depressing too, and Dexter isn’t exactly a happy show either.

I guess watching sitcoms once in a while is at the very least good for giving a bit more positiveness than those other shows do. I do enjoy watching How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family once in a while, and Sket Dance on Crunchyroll is also more of a feel-good show, though it does have some sad episodes, in particular the ones about the main characters’ background stories.


I’ve been experimenting with baking bread using the “no-knead” method, where you basically just mix together the ingredients and then let it sit in the bowl for a long time (12-18 hours) before folding it together with some flour with a spatula, proofing for another hour or so and then baking it in the oven. Some of it turned out well, like the following photos. I think they’re from the first time I tried it, if I’m not mistaken!

Mixing the bread ingredients

Mixing the bread ingredients

Folding the dough together

Folding the dough together

After baking the bread

After baking the bread

Finished bread

Finished bread

Other times the bread didn’t really rise properly, and I’m not 100% sure why. It could be either because the temperature in my apartment is too low, or I mess up some of the ingredient proportions (in particular the amount of water compared to flour), or it could be because the dry yeast I have is actually expired. I still use it because in general dry food should be okay even after expiration. Though the other problem with the dry yeast is that the box states that each sachet is supposed to be used within three days after opening, but this recipe uses so little that it takes many weeks or even months before I can use up even one sachet. Still, the last bread turned out OK after I added a bit more yeast and also put it on a lukewarm stove so it would rise more properly… Will have to experiment a bit more!


I’ve played quite a few games since last blog update:

  • The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 – Still no closer to finding out who the killer is, though the end of the episode featured a rather shocking relevation! Looking forward to the next episode. Reminds me that I haven’t bought the latest issues of the comic.
  • The Room Two (Android version) – A puzzle game of the “escape the room” variety, with quite high production value for a mobile game! Just as good as, if not better than the first game in the series. Also available on iOS.
  • Lightning Returns – I enjoyed this game, possibly more than the previous two in the Final Fantasy XIII series! The combat/equipment/skill system felt more customizable and action-oriented than the first two games. It felt slightly ridiculous how many “garbs” (armor) are paid DLC though.
  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc – A visual novel type of game which really feels like a mix between 999/Virtue’s Last Reward and Phoenix Wright. You play as one of many students who are being held captive in a locked down school building. To be allowed to escape, a student has to kill another student without being found out by the rest of the students. So when a student is killed, the rest of them has to investigate the murder, and then have a “class trial” to try and find out who the real killer is. The thrilling part is that you don’t know who is the next to die or who the killer is, and also finding out the reason why the students are being held captive. Don’t want to spoil too much, though if you don’t like playing visual novels, they have also made an anime based on this game.
  • The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 2 – Still a great adventure game. I feel like I regret some of the choices I ended up making in this episode, but I’ll stick with them till the next episode.
  • Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 2 – In this one you play as Elizabeth, but without her rift-opening powers. So you’ll (she’ll) have to sneak around most of the time, and climb through air ducts. Kind of felt like the sneaking parts of the Batman: Arkham series.
  • Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright – Two of my favorite game series in the same game! It’s awesome! I’ve only gotten to the second chapter so far.


As for socialization I guess the last few months I haven’t really spent as much time as I could have on socializing, though I still go to church twice a week. I invited Vilhelm over to play Mario 3D World last Sunday, trying to get all the stars and other collectibles, that was quite fun! We also had a “boys’ night” with the boys from church. Made a big burger. (That we cut up and shared.)

Boys' night

Boys’ night

Unfortunately had to skip out on the swimming trip and the ski trip because my operation wound hasn’t fully healed yet. But it feels like it’s almost there! Hopefully this time it’ll stay fixed so I don’t need another operation and no longer need to clean the wound twice every day.


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Busy November month

Haven’t had time to post anything in November because I’ve been busy almost every weekend! The first weekend in November was the only weekend I didn’t have any plans. And the last weekend in October I invited some friends over to play Nintendo Land and also a bit of Wii Karaoke U, had a great time! Also we made dumplings.

Dumplings with colorful noodles

Dumplings with colorful noodles!

The second weekend in November I went to SpillExpo, which was way too packed on a Saturday. I originally wanted to go on Friday, but my brother didn’t want to go, so we went on Saturday instead… Meh, last time I go on a Saturday, next year if I go I’m going on a Friday, so maybe I don’t have to stand in line for an hour to try things. Nintendo didn’t come to SpillExpo either this year, but I guess I already know which games from them I am looking forward to anyways. We ended up staying at the expo almost all the time it was open, but a lot of the time was spent waiting in queues.

Some stall at SpillExpo with retro (and new) consoles

Some stall at SpillExpo with retro (and new) consoles

The best part of the expo was actually the indie stalls, where I could try out some cool games that I haven’t really heard much about before, and where there were almost no queues! I didn’t try all the games though, but I tried these:

  • Amphora by Moondrop – A physics puzzle game for PC where you can move things around with the mouse and also draw threads that can be connected to objects. In each stage you have to figure out what you need to do by looking at the characters and objects that are in the stage and how they react to your movements.
  • Little Big Mansion by Krisjet Game Design – A puzzle game for iOS where you control two magicians with different abilities: One of them can swap the location of two items, while the other can swap the sizes of two items. You have to move one or both of them to the exit. I guess it is somewhat similar to Escape Plan on the PS Vita.

Also got to try the Oculus Rift in a few stalls, but I feel like they probably had lowered the 3D depth/effect, because in my opinion the demos we got to try felt quite “flat”, things didn’t really pop out much. Since I’m used to setting the 3D setting to max on my 3D monitor at home when gaming, I was kind of disappointed. Still, I’ll most likely buy the Oculus Rift once it’s out, so I can actually adjust the settings myself.

Oh and on Sunday I made a “Father’s Day” meal for my father/parents. Fried chicken and baked chicken. Also an ice cream cake, but they said they had eaten a lot before so I saved the cake for later.

Father's Day meal

Father’s Day meal – Fried chicken, baked chicken, salad

Third weekend in November I went to Gothenburg to visit some friends. I also played through Heavy Rain, which had really quite an impressive story! I didn’t even notice that I had played till 2 at night when I finished the game. Besides that, I played badminton, ate at Super Rullband, went to church and the Science Fiction Bookstore. The food at Super Rullband isn’t really superhigh quality, but they had enough different sushi, Asian dishes, cakes and ice cream that I got super full after eating there! At the Sci-Fi Bookstore I bought Guild Hall: Job Faire, a stand-alone expansion that can be played without the original Guild Hall cards. I kind of like this game! Though I lost a few times when playing against my brothers…

All the caaaaaakes!

All the caaaaaakes! (At Super Rullband.)

Fourth weekend I had my birthday party at my house. I made almost the same food as for the Father’s Day meal, but also potato gratin, and I served the cake I saved, an coconut ice cream cake with chocolate pieces!

And then we played Wii U Party, more Nintendo Land and also some quiz games on Kahoot!, which was also kind of fun, because everyone can join as long as they have a smartphone and internet connection! But there weren’t that many “good” quizzes to pick from, and people also generally replied so quickly that it was hard to catch up once you were lagging behind in score. Anyways, had a lot of fun and got some nice clothes and other gifts! What I regretted most was not taking a photo with all my friends, oh well. I always forget…

Grilled and fried chicken, potato gratin, also salad

Grilled and fried chicken, potato gratin, also salad

The fifth and last weekend in November we had a costume party at church, the theme was “Superheroes and supervillains”. I actually ordered an anime costume from China, but it still hasn’t arrived as of now… So anyways I threw together a costume from mostly normal clothes, except I bought a costume hat and glued together some plastic and textile into a pair of goggles. The party was fun, we had food, a superhero quiz and some games, and took a bunch of photos that I will refrain from posting here in case anyone are embarrassed of being seen in their costumes, so I’ll just post my own selfie here.

My half-assed Spider-Man Noir costume.

My half-assed Spider-Man Noir costume.

Besides all of the things I did, a lot of great games came out over the last month! I bought Pokemon Y (which I still haven’t beat because I got into all those other games), Ace Attorney 5 + DLC, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Super Mario 3D World, and Vilhelm said he would buy Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, but I don’t think he has yet, which is fine by me since I still have all those other games. I even bought Assassin’s Creed 3 (Limited Edition, came with a coined medal/coin/thing) for the Wii U because it was quite cheap by now, but I don’t know when I will have time to play through that. Only played through the first chapter or so to test it out.

Pokemon X & Y and Assassin's Creed 3

Pokemon X & Y and Assassin’s Creed 3

And for fun I bought Pokemon Typing Adventure, a DS game which comes with a keyboard. The keyboard can actually be used as a normal Bluetooth keyboard with f.ex. your smartphone or your tablet, so if you find this game cheap somewhere it’s actually not a bad deal! As long as you can live with an English keyboard layout.


Learn With Pokemon Typing Adventure!

Learn With Pokemon Typing Adventure!


Ah, it doesn’t seem like I wrote this in my blog before, but I bought an ice cream machine with an actual motor for freezing so I don’t need to waste space in my freezer to pre-freeze a cooling bowl. This also means I can make bigger batches of ice cream at the same time! Anyways I’ve been using it almost every week after I bought it, and I’ve tried making various ice cream types.

"Chinese Triple Ice Cream" - Black sesame, green tea and coconut ice cream

“Chinese Triple Ice Cream” – Black sesame, green tea and coconut ice cream

Norwegian "gløgg" ice cream with raisins and almonds

Norwegian “gløgg” ice cream with raisins and almonds

In addition to those two examples I’ve also made:

  • Pineapple sorbet
  • Apple sorbet
  • Pineapple and cinnamon ice cream

And just to point it out: Making ice cream yourself is most likely not going to get you “cheaper” ice cream, especially when making it with actual cream, which in Norway is quite expensive. I guess making sorbets can be quite cheap if you buy fruit that is on sale. Anyways I’ve mostly been trying to make the kind of ice creams that you can’t easily buy in Norwegian supermarkets. Not all of them turn out all that well, but nothing has turned out inedible at least till now!


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