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Got Wii U and Windows 8.1

With the release of Wind Waker HD Nintendo released a Wii U bundle with a “limited edition” Zelda Wii Gamepad, so I thought it was a good chance to get that Wii U that I intended to buy but never really did because of the lack of games.

Wii U Wind Waker bundle box

Box shot of the Wii U Wind Waker bundle

Zelda Wii U Gamepad and Zelda Wii Motion Plus controller

The Zelda Wii U Gamepad next to the Zelda Wii Motion Plus controller from the Skyward Sword bundle

That being said, there still is a lack of really good games for the Wii U. I bought Nintendo Land (which has at least a few multiplayer games that are quite fun) and also ordered Assassin’s Creed 3 which I look forward to playing on the Wii U just to see how much better it feels to have a map on the gamepad instead of having to go into the map screen every 10 seconds. Oh well, honestly I’m not in a hurry to get more games, but I do want to get a few more party games before I get too bored of playing Nintendo Land!


Windows 8.1 was released a few days ago, and while my Acer Iconia W511 could automatically upgrade from the Windows Store, my stationary computer had to be upgraded with an installation DVD because it was installed using a corporate version of Windows 8. And it took a long time to download the Win8.1 DVD from Microsoft’s website, probably because a gazillion people are downloading it right now. But I eventually managed to upgrade my stationary too.

It is nice that I can now boot directly to desktop, see my desktop wallpaper on the start screen, and that it is slightly easier to move icons around on the start screen. Though honestly I don’t really use the start screen for much except searching for programs, which is why it is still a bit cluttered in my screenshot.

Start Screen Wallpaper

Now you can choose to keep your desktop wallpaper on your start screen

The search is supposed to be improved in 8.1 too, now it automatically searches across all apps and files. I did try just now to search for one of the songs on my computer, and Windows did find the file quite quickly. Selecting the file started playing it in my default audio player (Mediamonkey). When I say supposed, it’s only because I never really tried “advanced” searching much in Windows 8, so I wouldn’t really know what has changed.

Oh and now you can dock more than two Windows 8 apps on the screen at the same time (as long as it’s larger than a certain resolution), and you can also dock apps on more than one monitor at the same time (in Windows 8 I could only dock things apps on a single monitor, and the Start screen would insist on opening up on that screen when I had something docked). If nothing else, I can at least now keep the Facebook app docked on some edge of one of my monitors. Yeah I might be kind of a FB junkie.

In Windows 8.1 you can now dock apps to multiple locations and also still use the desktop at the same time

In Windows 8.1 you can now dock apps to multiple locations and also still use the desktop at the same time

While chatting in the Facebook app for Windows 8.1, I noticed that Microsoft still hasn’t fixed the issue of spell check being enabled in apps even though it’s disabled in the PC settings… I think I noticed this in Windows 8, but because I didn’t use so many apps before, I forgot about it. Until now that Facebook made an app. Eventually I gave up chatting using the app and installed the desktop version of Facebook Messenger. Because I do chat a lot more on FB than on other services nowadays.

Oh and yeah, they did add the start button back to the desktop task bar. I don’t really care since pressing the Windows button on the keyboard is 10x times faster than using the mouse to click on the button, but I did notice that they added a bunch of shortcuts to useful system settings if you right click on the Windows button! Which could potentially be useful. I guess.

So I guess now it’s about time for me to start making Windows 8 apps! As soon as I finish Wind Waker HD. And Fez. Also I ordered the new Pokemon game. Oh well, soon.


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My Brother Got Married!

My brother got married!

My brother got married!

Congratulations little brother and wife!

On the wedding day it was raining rather heavily, even though the rest of the week (or summer) had been very sunny. Though some people say it’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day! A lot of relatives came for the wedding, and we went travelling around Norway with my two cousins from Hong Kong. Went to Sognefjorden and also to Preikestolen.

And we had a trip to Tusenfryd, haven’t been there in years! It was actually quite fun. Ate at the BBQ buffet again at their cowboy street, it was decently delicious. Finally got around to try out the rides. The Thor’s Hammer ride was just a simple rail ride with 3D cutscenes at certain points in the ride (you get 3D glasses), and the new ghost house/ride Nightmare is also a 3D movie ride with 3D glasses, but you get a gun and can shoot things, though I had a hard time knowing if I had hit anything or not. Still haven’t tried the waterpark part of Tusenfryd though.

My cousins and me at Tusenfryd

My cousins and me at Tusenfryd

So I’ve been busy most of the days after summer camp, didn’t get enough time to finish Persona 4 until last week, and Tomb Raider this week.

I bought Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, an old DS game that I never got around to play. And I also bought Persona 3 and 2 in a bundle because I was looking them up after playing Persona 4, and they were on the last day of a sale. Will probably wait a bit before playing Persona again after 4, since it takes such a long time! But some people say 3 is the best one.


The summer in Oslo has been quite good this year, even now it’s still quite hot outside when it’s not clouded. I eventually decided to buy a small inflatable pool and just leave it on the balcony to cool down after work. (Covered with a tarp when not in use.)



Been watching quite a bit of shows on Netflix and Crunchyroll too whenever I’m doing laundry or dishes or so. Finished season 3 of Fringe, season 2 of Modern Family, and all 12 episodes of Another.

I started watching RWBY, an America-produced web-anime made by Monty Oum. When I first saw the trailer I couldn’t remember where I had heard the name, but once the girl started fighting monsters remembered seeing his old Haloid and Dead Fantasy videos. He makes some great fight scenes, with people using all kinds of cool moves! Unfortunately the first few episodes of the show feels mostly like a generic warrior school anime, and it feels somewhat strange to watch an English voiced anime. But then again after Persona 4 I’ve gotten kind of used to it. Anyways I look forward to when the show will actually have some more battles.

Also I started watching Lost again because I never got around to watch the last few seasons after I lost interest. Figured that I may as well watch the rest of it.


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Persona 4 is crack

I finished Sticker Star and started playing Persona 4 Golden shortly after writing my previous blog post, and after that Persona 4 has mostly replaced most other gaming for the last month. The game is strangely addicting for being a game where you spend several hours playing through some kind of “school sim” game before you even get to anything like a dungeon. But then again, that “sim” part is probably the actual reason why it this game is so addicting and considered a great game by many. Because secretly everybody loves to play The Sims, even though most people don’t want to admit it. Or something.

Persona 4 Golden School Lecture

This is a game where part of the gameplay consists of listening to school lectures. How can it be any good??

A friend asked me if I recommended this game, and I was cautiously saying something like “it’s not like standard RPGs so you may or may not like it”. After all I do enjoy playing visual novel style games like Virtue’s Last Reward, Corpse Party and Ever 17, which may also be part of the reason why I like this game, which also has a lot of dialogue.

I do also love the music, although once I start listening closely to the lyrics it does seem to be some kind of broken Engrish. But the tunes are nice! I’ve been looking into buying the soundtrack, but ordering the CD from a store in Japan feels like a pain. I wish there was an easier way to buy Japanese MP3s outside of Japan, most western music services/stores just doesn’t seem to have much access to those. (Spotify, WIMP and iTunes though I haven’t tried that last one lately since I don’t want to install it.)

Other than that I’ve also been buying every single Humble Bundle ever, even those for games that I don’t know if I’ll ever intend to play. My Steam account is bursting with random games. Some of them seem quite good too, just don’t know when I’ll get around to play them. Oh well, not a problem just leaving them there “forever”.


I visited some friends and family in Stockholm in May, had quite a bit of fun!

Grumpy bear and happy slimes

Happy slimes and grumpy bear! My friend thought that the contrast between their facial expressions was rather hilarious.

One of my relatives had a childrens birthday party for her young daughter. Some of the kids came over and gave me a hug when I arrived even though I haven’t met them before, so adorable! Also apparently my grade school age cousin is into Minecraft.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

I don’t want to start playing this or WoW. Just playing “single-playthrough” games is already taking up enough time.

I went to two grilling trips with my church, once with just the youth group (we actually had an orienteering game first, my group won!) and once with the whole church. Was quite lucky with the weather both times too.

My excellently rare steak "burger"! It was delicious!

My excellently rare steak “burger”! It was delicious!

And we had a bachelor party for my brother who’s getting married! Made him do a bunch of embarassing stuff, also went to Ekeberg to play frisbee golf, though I must say the highlight was climbing trees at the Climbing Park at Oslo Summer Park! (Even though we went to Big Horn Steakhouse for dinner.)

Oslo Climbing Park

It’s perfectly safe.

I bought a portable hammock. It is awesome. Bought it from, but my uncle actually found it cheaper at

Transformers hammock!

Transformers hammock! Sorry about the mess in the background, I just ripped the packaging material off the hammock the fastest I could so that I could try it out right away.


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