Tilt Adventure

Tilt Adventure Title Screen

Tilt Adventure title screen. The green splot in the middle actually moves when you tilt the phone, though it's hard to show on a screenshot.

I’ve been working on making an Android game, Tilt Adventure. The idea is to make an exploration type of game like Metroid, but with tilt-based controls, since I don’t even have arrow buttons on my Acer Liquid phone. Touch-screen based controls just doesn’t work well either.

The main reason that I’m coding for only my Android phone and not for the iPad, is that apparently I’ll need a Mac in order to do any testing on an iDevice… Also I guess I kind of liked the idea of actually coding a game “from scratch”, instead of using a game creation engine likeĀ Corona or Game Editor (both of which states that they can compile to both Android and iDevices!) Maybe in the future I will try one of these for cross-platform support.

So far I’ve made a demo (Pre-Alpha version 0.1) with one major powerup and an end boss. In the end I didn’t prioritize making better graphics, music or a save function. (The game is only 10 or so minutes long.)

I’m thinking about trying to download free (open-source/royalty-free) audio clips to use for music and sound effects, since I don’t really feel like asking people to make music for my game. And I’m not good at making my own music, probably even worse than I am at drawing graphics.

The physics engine I made does have some quirks, and sometimes the game skips and the ball ends up jumping outside the walls on the map… I thought I had fixed that, but apparently not.

In the end I feel like I spent way too much time just making this short demo, so I’m not quite sure if I’m up to making a fullsize version of this game. I guess it depends a bit on how popular the demo turns out to be.


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