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What should I write?

I ran out of ideas for things to do, so I made a little function to convert the text into a multicolored text. You can try it too! But you cant change what colors it use. Sorry about that.

(Sorry, removed this too.)

Also, here’s a pic of Wong Faye/Faye Wong. I hope you’re satisfied, Jen!


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Homework is so neat

Been doing some planning for the final project and solved Economics problems. (Only 2 though. Excel is neat, but the problems are constructed in a way so that you have to manually select each cell by hand, to create the stupid diagram. It’s evil! )

I think I used at least an hour just to make this.

Jessie was complaining about not being able to use sound in MSN, and downloaded Skype, which claims to have sound quality which is 3 times better than the one in MSN, and better than the sound quality in a standard tellyphone. But I couldn’t really test with her, because the mic input on my sound card is faulty, one of a bunch of problems with my sound card. So I checked around for prices on sound cards on internet stores. But because shipping is so costy, just buying a sound card wouldn’t be enough, so I started looking at other stuff I’d like to have. I think my list was:

  • 1 sound card
  • 2 microphones
  • 2 RAM-pieces with 128MB or 256MB
  • 1 monitor

Strange, I thought the list was longer. In any case, I couldn’t really think of a thing to add to my page to make it more interesting, and I need to sleep now. Meh. Need to do homework tomorrow. 🙁


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School has started!

Those who are curious can check out my timetable. Hah! So that so! But, I’ve been told that my final school project may not get so good grades, since it’s “just” making a website. I guess I’ll just have to try to make a spectacular website, or something.

My chinese friends like to talk about Chinese artists, so I thought I’d put a pic of someone:

Joey Yung, female popartist and actor*.

Oh, today I managed to go to school two hours before my subject actually starts. Since I used the schedule from school, which shows all subjects, even the ones I don’t take. And I accidentally looked up the time for the wrong subject. At least that gives me time to update the website… Still one hour left…

Hmm, I guess I need to add something more on each update to make it more interesting. Just having an image every time is good, but not that interesting. *thinks* No, can’t think of anything right now. I guess I’ll leave that for later. I hope everyone will have a nice start at school without too much homework.


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