Chinese New Year

February 07

Late (again) Happy Chinese New Year! Starting from January 29th 2006, it is now my year, the year of the dog! Which should mean that it’s the perfect year for me to finish my studies and find a job and a girlfriend. Woohoo!

Apparently, you don’t eat mooncakes on Chinese New Years. Annie kindly reminded me about this, before laughing wildly at me for making that mistake. Incidentally, I think I made her mad at me today because I was joking with her a bit. She stopped replying to my messages, in any case. Oh well… In any case, mooncakes are for the Mid-Autumn festival. I kind of knew that, just didn’t think too much about it. Yup.

Ah, I thought I might update people on the status of the new years resolutions I wrote about:

  • Practice conversing: In the cell group meeting on Monday I kept falling asleep. Failure (To my defense the room was a bit too hot, since the host had lighted the fireplace.)
  • More workout: I do some basic workout and some dance mat dancing once in a while (Roughly every three days, sometimes two days.) Success
  • ChinesePodLearn Chinese: I’ve been trying to play through Gyakuten Saiban 2 in Chinese. It’s Simplified Chinese, unfortunately, but I’m sure it’s better than nothing. I’m using NJStar Chinese Pen to write the words from the game so I can translate them. I’ve spent roughly 5 hours and haven’t gotten past the initial conversation yet though. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to read a few more sentences without having to translate it. Oh, I’ve also listened a bit to ChinesePod, although I’m having trouble paying enough attention to the courses to learn much. Since I tend to do it while doing other stuff. But now I’m trying to listen while doing exercise, which kind of works out. Success
  • Get a job: I haven’t really been looking for a job yet, because, uh, I’ve been busy. With school work. Right. Failure
  • Read “On Being a Christian”: I’ve read one more chapter since… last year. I think that was even before making this resolution. Failure
  • Get girlfriend: I haven’t really looked for a girlfriend yet, because I’ve been busy. With, uh, school work. Right. Failure

Gyakuten Saiban 2

Two out of six isn’t that bad… I guess. Oh, and some more things about Gyakuten Saiban (or Phoenix Wright, which is the English title for the game): Have a look at the japanese release promotion video (with subtitles)! It’s quite fun. The American commercial is okay too I guess… Also, check out the Gyakuten Saiban 3 Fan Translation project! I almost wish I could help with translation, but then again, if I knew Japanese I would hardly need a translation.

Before ending this post, I’d like to present to you Chinese-styled flash games. I don’t really know the person (Maggie Lau), but the games are kind of cool.


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