Hong Kong tomorrow!

December 19

Again over a month since my last post, can’t really count the “Minor additions” post either. Ah well.

I’m going to Hong Kong tomorrow! Look forward to it somewhat, it’s a shame that we’re only staying for about two weeks this time.

Been cleaning the house and stuff today. My family keeps so much garbage, I just want to throw it all away.

Haven’t gotten a Wii yet, it was sold out right after the stores opened on release day, and all stores that take preorders have stated that all the expected stock they have are already preordered. I’m considering getting one in Hong Kong, but there are many reasons I can think of not to do that, besides it’s not even certain that they have more Wii there.

Sorry, no pictures this time either, I really need to make an easier way to upload pictures when writing posts. *sigh* Well, maybe next time.


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