Things I bought in Hong Kong

January 27

Oh, here are all my photos from HK. Anyway, mostly for self-reference, these are (most of) the things I bought in HK (excluding food and travel expenses):

  • One pair of pants
  • Three tourist t-shirts. I bought some that cost a bit more than the ones in Mong Kok, because I thought the text was more correctly printed! But it still had mistakes… 🙁 Well the t-shirts themselves are okay I guess, and it wasn’t supperexpensive, so I shouldn’t complain.
  • Kirby slippers
    Kirby slippers 
  • 4 posters (Bleach, Fate/stay night, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy: Advent Children)
  • Laptop cooler pad (a really cheap one that doesn’t really work all that well)
  • Rubber air pump, like the ones used for cleaning camera lenses (or for sucking snot out of noses)
    Rubber air blower

  • 802.11n wireless router + USB adapter (Belkin, I found out later that Belkin isn’t a very good brand. Ah well, at least it kind of works, just installed and left the router in HK anyhow…)
  • Wireless mouse (I didn’t realize it was PS/2 instead of USB… but it costed only 20 HKD, so I guess it’s almost ok even if I haven’t found out where to use it yet)
  • A hooded sweater (my parents bought it actually)
  • Sunglasses that are kind of curved, making me slightly dizzy when walking around with them
  • Umbrella that can open and close at the click of the button! (My old one broke.)
  • Card holder wallet with many transparent pages. I like these since I can show my ID card and bus tickets without having to take them out of my wallet.
  • Key holder wallet, my old one was getting kind of dirty and frail, also it was Camel-branded, so I didn’t really like it much.
  • Mobile phone belt clip holster. Now I don’t need to worry about the phone being scratched by my keys! So I don’t really need the key holder wallet as much… but it does prevent the keys from pricking my legs.
  • Bigger shoulder bag (since the old one couldn’t fit A4 papers)
    Shoulder bag
  • Thin jacket, got kind of tired of always using the green one when it was too warm for thick jackets and too cold to go out without a jacket.
  • A pack of tack-its. It was an impulse buy, mostly.
  • Self-adhesive velcro bands to try and fix the broken velcro on my old bag. Didn’t work too well, as expected. Bought a new bag anyway.
  • Scissors (to cut the velcro bands)
  • More rechargable batteries, haven’t even used them yet. But it’s good to have spares.
    GP 2700 rechargable batteries
  • Computer screwdriver set. With lots of fun screwdriver heads, even triangle ones and mini hexagonal ones!
  • Sasuke minipillow. It was at sale! 20 HKD! I think. Or was it 10? Don’t even remember.
    Sasuke pillow 

Hmm, the list did turn out to be longer than I expected. A lot of the stuff are cheap small items though… So I guess it’s probably a very boring list.

Whenever I look at the HK photos, these things seem to catch my eyes the most:

Ice cream More ice cream Shiny cakes

I think I need to find to find a place in Oslo that sells ice cream parfaits/sundaes. Or I should start making it myself. Although that might be dangerous. At least when I have to buy it expensively, that will prevent me from eating it too often…


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