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December 09

A lot of people have asked me if I’ve bleached my hair:

I guess the hair is bleached, but it’s actually because of my acne medicine:

The medicine bleaches anything it touches if I’m not careful… including my hair. And because I’m too lazy to cut my hair more often, I get long hair that gets in the way on my face until I get tired of it and have to get a haircut. (I am stingy too, but laziness is the bigger reason why I don’t want to take time to go to the hairdresser after work, I just want to go home and relax.)

In any case, in the start I sometimes didn’t wash my hands carefully enough so I’d bleach my clothes too when putting them on.

Actually now that I look more into the medicine, it says I should ask a doctor if I use it more than a few months and I still have an acne problem. But I’ve been using it for several years now at least?

However I also realized that I just don’t change my bedsheets often enough, sometimes leaving it for a month or two (or three, my “house chores” spreadsheet says my average for bedsheets is 50 days, so sometimes less and sometimes more than two months…) So maybe I should change my bedsheets more often buy more pillowcases and try changing just them every week and see if that helps on the acne.


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