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Exams and vacation

Thus, exams are upon us again. In a bit under a week I’ll be having my first exam, and roughly two weeks after that, I’ll be in Hong Kong! Hum, instead of thinking too much about what I’m going to do in Hong Kong, I guess I should maybe start reading for the exams…

Well, I have actually done a little bit today, since my group at school decided to go to school to study a bit. We solved a few Logic problems from older exams, and then played a bit Carcassonne, which we’ve been playing almost the whole semester, whenever we want a break from doing schoolwork. We even keep tab of the scores, which has been surprisingly even when totalled. After we got the first expansion I’ve been on the last place though… I guess I need to play more aggressively.

Wait, I was talking about exams right? Well, I’ll be having four exams this semester:

While Logic and Management of VL Date Volumes are at least somewhat oriented towards problemsolving, I’m a bit more worried about Natural Language Interfaces and SQ and PI, which is a bit more theory oriented. So, I do hope I’ll manage to concentrate on reading for those exams.

Well enough about that! So far the things I’ve been thinking about doing in Hong Kong is:

  • Eating a lot
  • Take pictures a lot
  • Buy Nintendo DS and games!
  • Buy candy (mostly for gifts to other people)

I’m sure the list will be longer, but I guess I should concentrate at least slightly on exams for now… So, I’ll just leave this post at this.


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Homemade pizza


I made this pizza myself! Looks yummy or what?

I don’t remember the recipe though, I just found a recipe somewhere on the internet. It was also somewhat too much to eat half a pizza, I seem to remember that I got a bit too full. But it was good anyway! I should make it again, although I’ve recently been wanting to eat a hamburger. I don’t have any beef, though… *sigh* I guess I’ll just go to some burger restaurant one day.


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There is snow! It already started snowing last Friday, then it got a bit warmer and the rain washed the snow away somewhat. But then a few days ago I woke up to this!
Soon I may have to scoop snow… *shudders*

Also the temperature indoors has sinked to around 8 degrees Celsius. If I get cold I turn on the heat for a while, but it’s still somewhat bearable. I just wear a scarf indoors too… Oh, did I mention the scarf I got from Anna? Hmm, gotta take a picture of it!

There! Neat or what? No big version of this picture, my head looks so big because I took the picture with my head close to the camera… *sigh*

I made more cha xiao bao last weekend too, made double the amount! But they turned out a bit weird, I’m not sure if I added too much of something or whatnot. Tastes okay though. I was planning to try and have Nugatti (a Norwegian nutchocolate spread for bread) in some of them, but I had more than enough cha xiao filling, so I didn’t after all. Hmm, I didn’t take any pictures this time, so I’ll just show you some older pictures that I haven’t put up before!

Oh, and back to the topic on snow and cold, did I mention I’m going to Hong Kong this Christmas? The whole family is travelling to Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas with my father’s family there! So we can meet our little cousins and my grandmother’s chickens, and eat them! The chickens, that is. And of course, it’ll be warmer there. I do hope it won’t be supercold when we get back to Norway and our apartment here in Trondheim…


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