8. oktober 2003 kl 14:42

October 08

Sorry for not updating or translating the site, I’ll have this newspost in English though.

I’ve uploaded the forgotten pictures from the visit in early September ! I’ve even taken time to write text for each picture. But instead of making one new page for each picture, I just coded one single page which shows the pictures with the correct text. Hah! I’m so clevah!

Anyway, I’ve been a tad bit busy lately with homework and stuff. I’m *so* glad that I decided not to have English after all, all the other subjects give far more than enough work for me to do. I probably could’ve deselected one more subject, but I thought I could have less subjects the next semester. Oh well, I guess I’ll relax that semester. I hope.

Other than that, thanks to everyone who have written in my guestbook so far! I’ll, like, try and see if I get around to actually translating the site, otherwise I can just write the newsposts in English, unless some of my Norwegian friends complain. Although it’s easier to tell them to learn English than to tell my English friends to learn Norwegian.

Hmm, also I think I’ll try and add more pictures to the front page, so all the text won’t look as boring. The picture I put on top of this post links to the Nokia Game website! You can win a N-Gage game console/mobile phone, if you join the contest! Actually, even if you’re not going to play, you can still join the game! Because it is limitted how many people who can join, if a lot of people join and don’t play, I could have a higher chance of winning. But only if you live in Norway too…

Well, that should be enough text for now. Hmm, I’ve realised that this text bubble is way too small for all the text I write… maybe I’ll make a resizable one instead. How is the size for you other viewers of this site?


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