Chickens roam wildly in Norway

September 04

The picture on the right was taken from one of our frequent chicken attacks, where chickens try to storm a person’s house to poo in your furniture and eat any rice you’ve forgotten to vacuum since your last dinner.

Okay, so what I wrote in the intro isn’t quite true. The picture isn’t of a swarm of chickens trying to break into my house, but of some chickens that my house owner is keeping. The house owners let the chickens out from their cages once in a while in the mornings, so the chicken get a taste of what freedom feels like, before they are chased back into their cages in the afternoon.

I’m still trying to figure out how to make food taste anything, when I’m not making noodles, which have their own packs of seasoning. I’ve recently bought garlic and ginger to add to woked food, to see if it’s any help.

(What is the small cornlike things called in English? In Norwegian it’s minimais and babymais, which would translate to mini corn and baby corn…)
Anyhow, the garlic helped, but I’m still not sure if the ginger does anything except being annoyingly in the way when I eat the dinner… *sigh*

School has started to give homework, and some of it is rather tricky. Because I actually have to read a lot of text in order to reply to the questions given. Bah, who has time to read things nowadays? I don’t like the subjects here in Trondheim, it’s too much theory. So boring! But I guess I’ll just have to deal with it.

The house owners also lent us an old tv, unfortunately there is something wrong with the TV plug in the wall, so it doesn’t give any signals. So we’re just watching TV from a small antenna, meaning we only get two-three channels with poor quality. I guess I can live without TV quite okay though, at least internet works.

One thing that I’ve found amusing is that beef is so much more expensive than pork. Even meat pattys (karbonader) are more expensive per kg than pork steaks! I thought that meat pattys was “cheap” food, since it’s just meat mixed with flour… But maybe it’s actually a lot less flour than I think. Anyhow, sliced pork steaks are quite perfect for woking. I usually use the bone from the pork steak in a soup, that I use to boil the harder vegetables in, like the carrots and potatoes, before woking.

Yes, this is getting rather boring, so I think I’ll be going to bed soon. Also, I said in the previous post that I wasn’t adding any “Comments” box, but I’m thinking maybe I’ll add it after all. Hum… Oh well, I’ll think about it a bit more.


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