Quest on Water Mountain

September 14

I went on a weekend trip with Laget last weekend, in a place called Vassfjellet. (Vass is a Norwegian word for water in some dialects, and fjellet means “the mountain”.) The place did live up to its name, and it took two days before my shoes completely dried after the trip.

Fortunately, it didn’t rain all weekend, and it was actually quite sunny on Saturday, as you can see in the photo to the right. (Well, you can’t see that it is sunny, but you can see that the sky isn’t covered with clouds…) If you want to see photos and a few video clips from the trip, click on the photo.

In a totally unrelated note, my tongue has grown a pimple or something, which is hurting somewhat annoyingly whenever I eat or talk. Not that it has stopped me from eating, but it’s annoying! I hope it’s not because I skipped brushing my teeth a few times when on the weekend trip…


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