Can you believe it?!

October 04

Which color is darkest, the color in the A square, or the color in the B square? Read more to reveal the shocking answer!

Unless you have seen this image before, or actually checked the image in an image editor, you’re probably thinking that A must be darkest. However, the truth is that both A and B is the same color! Try to open up the image in an image editor, cut out A and move it towards B to see for yourself, and be amazed as you discover that it is indeed the same color! For more illusions, try out Akiyoshi’s illusion pages.

It’s almost even more amazing and amusing that if you move the piece back to its original place, it’ll still look like it’s darker. For more proof and explanations, go to the original site where I got the image.

Another interesting site is 20Q. You are to think of something, then you start by picking a category, and you have to answer each of the questions as good as you can, and eventually the computer may or may not figure out what you’re thinking of. It’s kewl when it does figure it out, even when you’d think that the questions doesn’t really fit with your item! 😀 (Site seems to be down, try this url.)

One more thing that you may believe or not: A guy dresses up in a suit with lots of… toots? And he plays music with them. I’d post a picture if I had one, but just check it out (it’s an Icelandish website, I think, but the video clip is from TV5, a French tv channel).

By the way, my parents visited me and Leon last weekend! They brought a bunch of food and candy, and some clothes and shoes that we may need for the winter. I don’t have any photos yet, maybe I’ll post some later.


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