It just takes longer and longer

July 10

Apparently, my last update was over a month ago now, so I’ve probably broken my record for longest time between updates. Maybe I need to make a blogging system which is easier to use… The way my system works now, I’m just writing HTML in a web interface. Bah.

I’ll be leaving for Sweden with my family tomorrow, unless we find out we still have lots of things left to do. We will be visiting different cities in Sweden before going to the campsite for the SCCC Summer Conference (usually just called the summer camp) on Saturday. If you’re going there too, you can check out the packing list from last year, slightly updated!

Anyway, click “Read more…” for a list of notable things that have happened in my life since last time I updated.

  • Finished my studies! I’m now a “Master of Science in Technology (Computer Science)” (Norwegian link)! I could’ve gotten the NTH ring (Norwegian link), but I’m not sure if want to spend 1265 NOK on something I might not want to wear. Anyway, I’m currently looking for a job, if you want to hire me, feel free to send me an e-mail! (Link at bottom of the site.)
  • Been planning stuff and making nametags for the summer camp. Went to a preparation camp in Malmö at the beginning of the summer vacation.
  • Been out with friends in the vacation, playing Bohnanza, Alhambra and other card/board games.
  • Tried to clean the house a bit, though I haven’t had much time for this. Maybe after the summer camp.

Just for the sake of adding some pictures, I’m putting some pictures of my room from April this year:

I’ve moved things a little bit since those pictures, though the side with the bed looks mostly the same. I still have the CRT monitor though. I really need to get rid of it, it takes almost half of my deskspace! Well, that’ll be enough, I need to pack things and whatnot. Next update in another month maybe.


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