Three months and counting

April 25

Haah, seems like I just don’t care much about updating my website anymore? Over three months since my Hong Kong post! I guess I’m still not quite used to having less spare time because of work…

I also feel that this website loads very slowly, so I’ve been thinking about moving to some proper blogsite… But I haven’t decided yet, so I guess I’ll still stick with this one for now.

I’ve tried to list the things I’ve been doing since my last (proper) update, click “Read more” for the list.

A list of somewhat noticable things that I’ve done, roughly in the order they happened, would be:

  • I bought a new phone, Nokia 5300, also just recently bought a 2GB memory card for it.
  • Easter camp – and a lot of time for planning it! I made booklets and name tags, and drew the logos. I’m actually quite satisfied with how the logos turned out, although the “glutinous/sticky rice ball” logo was kind of… plain. The last day before camp I stayed up till 4am to work on the booklets. And there were still some errors in it…
  • Met Lorna and Patrick (and Tone) when Stephen was visiting before the Easter camp. It’s kind of disappointing that I see them so seldomly even though we live in the same city… Also I feel kind of bad for having them “take care” of Stephen and even picking up Man Jai while I was busy preparing for Easter camp. But I think they had fun, so I guess it’s OK. Probably. In case you read this, Lorna and Patrick, thank you!
  • I finished Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii, also bought Red Steel. It’s not a great game, but it’s OK, and it was half price, since I bought it with Rayman Raving Rabbids, two (mediocre) games for the price of one. I gave Rayman to Enoch as a birthday present.
  • Went clay pigeon shooting with Trygve and the youth group. In the last “contest” before we left, I hit 5 out of 6! But I was aiming all the time rather than lifting the gun after the clay pidgeon was shot, so it wasn’t “properly”. Also my shoulder was kind of sore afterwards. But it was quite fun!

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