Upgraded my Acer Liquid to Android OS 2.3.5

September 03

After using a custom ROM based on the official 2.2 version of Android OS for my Acer Liquid, I eventually switched to a custom ROM which upgraded my phone to LiquidNext, an unofficial version of Android OS 2.3.5. Their website also had a tutorial on how to optimize the swap settings, and I think that really made the phone run a lot smoother! Now there isn’t as much of a lag when I use my phone.

Also I kind of like the Go Dev Team’s Android apps. I first started using Go Launcher EX, which is free and has a lot of features, like resizing widgets, special screen transition effects and folders in the app drawer. Then I switched from Handcent SMS to Go SMS Pro, I think it was mainly because the newer releases of Handcent SMS seemed to lag more on my phone. And I installed Go Keyboard, which has a pretty good Norwegian dictionary for download, and recently has added an option of using swiping for writing text like Swype and SlideIt, although it doesn’t seem to work as well as those two. Lastly I also switched to Go Contacts EX, which is a dialer replacement also with fancy effects. Even with the effects it still works quite smoothly! And on the contact list it also "stole" iPhone’s "alphabet on the side for quickly selecting a letter", which works a bit better than the builtin contact list’s "scroll then slide to find the letter you want".

screenshot-1315042324159  screenshot-1315042659206  screenshot-1315042552017  screenshot-1315042739572

Haven’t done anything special the past few weeks. Went to a small party with the church youth, had a few dinners with my family and Rebecca who recently moved here to Oslo from Stockholm.

BTW I watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Captain America. "Rise" was surprisingly good, thought it’d be just a desperate attempt at milking the series, but it was actually kind of touching. Felt a bit like an animal activism movie, making me feel a bit bad about how the apes were treated. Captain America was quite entertaining, pretty much a typical action movie with quite a straight forward story. Oh and it was pretty funny that the first scene was in Norway (at least in the movie, they probably didn’t actually shoot the scene in Norway though). Looking forward to the Avengers movie!


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