Briefly in Stavanger

September 14

Went to Stavanger last weekend to visit Anna and MJ and John. Anna took me shopping for new clothes, and gave me some fashion tips. Will see if I remember it the next time I bother going to buy new clothes. Need to find a girl to help me buy clothes when in Oslo. Or maybe Sweden is better? Hmm…

Johan MJ

Also I asked her to pick a perfume for me, although I’m going to buy it later since it’s quite expensive. Either on tax-free or try to buy it online. Need to start using perfume once in a while to cloak my stinkyness, although according to her I need to shower before using perfume, and that I’d have to use a deodorant for that instead. I do still have various bottles of deo sprays at home, though I almost always forget to use them. Ah, just remembered to put the deo in my room so it might be easier for me to remember to use it when changing my clothes.

Got the first batch of the free downloadable games for my 3DS by the way. The most interesting ones would be Zelda, Zelda II and Metroid, never beaten any of those games. Old Nintendo games are difficult! No real hint on where you’re supposed to go, no in-game maps, and no abundance of checkpoints to save you from redoing lots of stuff when you do. In any case, I still haven’t gotten myself to give up trying to find all the Gold Skulltulas in Ocarina of Time 3DS Master Quest, so I’m still playing it.

The last two days I got a leave from work to go to an IT exhibition. I got a bunch of USB memory sticks and other stash, lots of brochures, signed up for tons of spam to try and win an iPad (and other prizes, though I didn’t win anything at all), got free yummy popcorn, and listened to a few seminaries (which was mostly advertisements for various companies’ products). The coolest/most useful stuff I got was a buff (scarf thing), and even more awesome: a pair of gloves which works on touchscreens! Not the type with cut-off fingers, but with actual textile which works on the screen. And rubber dots on the palm side, to prevent your smart-phone from slipping off your glove. Seems to be quite good quality for a free gift. Almost makes up for not winning an iPad 2.


Got to test a bunch of phones and Android tablets. Kinda want the HTC Evo 3D, the screen has a better resolution than the 3DS and the cameras can take higher resolution 3D photos, plus 3D video! Which will be a blast to watch once I get an excuse to buy a 3D TV. I’ll see if any phones comes out that I want more, otherwise I just might get this phone some time to replace my Acer Liquid with a partially broken screen.


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