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Went to Genki last weekend. It was decent fun, although I didn’t really know so many people there and most of the people I knew were working.

Genki 2011-08-06 10.31.04
Busy, so busy!

Most of the time I spent playing board games with Jocke and the other people I knew.

Genki 2011-08-05 23.05.00
Puzzle Strike again. I don’t think I won even once during Genki, now that I think about it. Did I?

But I did get to talk with a few new people, though not for that long. I had to work on Friday so I missed most of the first day. Oh I met Tizian for the first time in a few years, since he hasn’t been to camps. He was actually the first one I saw at Genki, I randomly met him outside when I arrived! So he showed me where my other friends were inside.

Genki 2011-08-07 11.09.40
One of my new friends at Genki.

And I got to listen to a concert with Yukie Dong singing Japanese songs, some from anime that I’ve seen. It was fun! And some of the songs that I hadn’t heard before really stuck to my head. To be honest I didn’t even know who she was before I went to Genki. But it was fun seeing her dancing and singing Japanese songs! According to her website she’s born in Beijing as a branch of a royal family from the Qing Dynasty. And she’s an engineer (chemical and material)! And an anime fan obviously. So cool, haha!

Genki 2011-08-06 19.44.19
Awesome Yukie Dong + some plain guy

I didn’t really take so many photos of the other cosplayers since I’m too afraid to ask random people to let me take photos of them. But this site has lots of photos, taken/owned by Sascha Nielsen (whom I don’t really know, just saw the link on Facebook).

My biggest regret was not taking a photo of the girl cosplaying as Chell. She had a portal gun replica! With shiny lights! I should’ve asked for a photo… Haven’t seen her in other people’s albums from Genki either yet.

After Genki me and Andrew went to Copenhagen to eat Chinese food, since Roskilde didn’t really have so many good restaurants. We ate dim sum at a restaurant, and then bought some takeaway at another one to eat at the airport. The dim sum was good! But the takeaway was not quite as good, some of my roasted meat seemed a little burnt. Oh well.

Genki 2011-08-07 15.47.48
Drunken chicken at the dim sum restaurant. For some reason my 3DS messed up the colors on the left photo.

Watched Super 8 on Tuesday, it was a decent movie. There’s a lot more action than you might expect from something which might seem as a children movie (because of the young main characters). And it’s not really a horror movie even though some people might get that impression from the trailer. I’d say the movie is kind of like a mix between (Movie name intentionally left out to avoid spoilers. Click at your own risk!) and Jurassic Park.

Will be having a barbeque today with some friends. Spent last night and most of today cleaning the apartment. Where does all the dust come from! If only they would stay away! *sigh*


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Helsinki, Gothenburg

Last weekend I went to Gothenburg, and the weekend before that I went to Helsinki. Visiting friends mostly, and sightseeing and shopping. In Helsinki we met up with our friends from summer camp, who showed us around in town, and we had dinner at their homes. Their parents are quite good at cooking Chinese food! Ate lots of good food.

Helsinki 2011-07-22 18.32.02
Om nom nom nom!

We also went to an Asian style buffet restaurant called Tang Dynasty, which had sushi and also Thai and Chinese dishes. The sushi was so-so, the rice was so compressed that it didn’t seem to soak up any soy sauce when I dipped it! But the fish itself was all right I guess. Though there wasn’t much variation, only salmon, shrimp, egg and crabstick. The warm dishes were okay.

By the time we went to the cake buffet on Sunday we were so full from eating the buffet last night and then eating at Maria’s place that we couldn’t really have a buffet, so we just bought a few cakes to try. The cakes were quite decent!

Helsinki 2011-07-24 12.44.40
More om nom nom!

Besides eating we went to the amusement park in Helsinki, called Linnanmäki. Free entrance! Better than Liseberg in Gothenburg, which has raised the entrance fee to 90SEK, or Tusenfryd "in" Oslo, where you have to pay for a whole day ticket to get in at all! Since we were going to Ahwoon’s place for dinner that day we didn’t buy a free rides ticket, so we just took the free ride which goes up in the air so we can see Helsinki! Oh but we did get to try Kinect for free too, Microsoft had set up a few XBox 360s in the amusement park so we could try different games. My mother wanted to get Dance Central. I’ll buy it with Kinect some time I guess.

Helsinki 2011-07-22 13.16.36

We also went to their fortress island, don’t remember the name. But it was quite big! A lot bigger than the fortress in Oslo. The cannons were bigger too I think. Also we saw the Rock Church. It was very rocky. We didn’t get to look inside because it was just closing when we arrived though.

Helsinki 2011-07-24 11.44.34

The last weekend I went to Gothenburg with my parents. Didn’t really do much here, I mostly wanted to do some shopping (chicken and meatballs and candy) and seeing friends. Actually ate at the sushi buffet in Haiku Sushi Lounge twice (Saturday and Sunday)! Because Jocke took me there on Saturday, but the other youth in Gothenburg went there on Sunday instead. Well it was still good, and I ate surprisingly much on Sunday even though I already felt full! I think I ate 30 pieces (+1 bowl of miso soup) on Saturday and 22 pieces + soup on Sunday.

HNI_0045 HNI_0046 HNI_0047
Sushi sushi sushi

Also tried some new card games with Jocke, they were quite fun! Too bad we didn’t finish our game of Innovation, hope to try it again next time I meet him! Forgot the name of the "elemental" game, but that game felt a bit too random for my taste. (I got skipped 3 or so times in a row bah!) And Puzzle Strike, the Dominion-like fighting/strategy game was interesting, though I feel that I need to play it more to get a better feeling of it.

Innovation Puzzle Strike

On our way back home my family went to the big shopping mall near the Norway/Sweden border to buy food and also some summer clothes, it is actually warm enough in the Nordic countries that I need more such clothes! It’s actually quite warm in Oslo now, I spent an hour or so sunbathing on my balcony today, it was pretty nice. I did it because I had a headache and needed to rest, so I figured might as well rest on the balcony.


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