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February 11

I guess I seldom do anything out of the ordinary, or I’m just too lazy to update this website, but it seems I haven’t updated in about two weeks, or three weeks if you don’t count the post about meat. Not that anyone cares, since it seems like 90% of my page hits are from msnbot and inktomisearch.

Anyhow, the picture to the right is of my new avatar, which shows my WhatPulse statistics. WhatPulse is a program which counts how many times I’ve pressed a key on my keyboard and clicked with my mouse since I installed the program, which was on February 2nd. It also sends the info to the WhatPulse site, so I can compare my statistics with other people. It’s totally useless, but it’s somewhat interesting to see some of the information. For example, for some people, the mouse click count is about the same as key count, while for me it’s about 1/4th or 1/5th. Using the mouse too much is bad for your arm.


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