Wario where?

April 16

In March some time I bought Wario Ware Touched! for my Nintendo DS. It’s quite an interesting game which uses the touch screen to its fullest. You have to use the touch screen to cut vegetables, buy clothes, light the candles on a cake, pull out hair from the skin, thread a needle, and other exciting real life events. You sometimes even have to blow on your Nintendo DS to defeat enemies and keep a paperplane safe from biohazards like bugs and jumping fishes. The thing I’m least satisfied with is the fact that it didn’t take too long for me (and Leon) to play through all the “stages” in the game. At least I still haven’t found all the gifts in the game yet…

Other things that I’ve done since I last updated the website, roughly in the order I did them:

  • I went back to Oslo in Easter, and also went to the Easter camp arranged by the Chinese church there. (Photo gallery)
  • I’ve been practicing cooking curry, although I’m still not satisfied with it…
  • I finally finished Abe’s Oddysee! I got the game at least 5 years ago, but I couldn’t get past the first few stages… Then I decided to try it again this year.
  • I changed my WhatPulse avatar a little:
  • I got myself hearing aid, to see if it helps during conversations and lectures.
  • I finished one school project. Only 2-3 more to go! (Two more projects and possibly one essay to be handed in this month.)
  • Made muffins today! Pictures later.

I’m sure there are more things I’ve done, but these are the most significant things I can remember for now. Maybe I should get back to working on the school projects I’ve got left… *sadness*


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