Salmon with crème fraîche and soy sauce

June 30
It’s another sunny day in Oslo, so I’m eating dinner on the balcony again! 

Bought some Euroshopper frozen salmon yesterday. It’s actually quite convenient because each salmon piece is separately wrapped, so I can just cut off and thaw one piece for one dinner, and don’t need to worry about repacking the rest of it.

I had some leftover crème fraîche from making “the perfect scrambled eggs” for several breakfasts. So I googled up some recipes on salmon and crème fraîche, and ended up making the dinner you see on the photo. It looks a bit bland, but it is quite delicious!

I’m writing this post on my N95 while eating dinner, actually. (Edited a bit on the PC to add the link to the “scrambled eggs” video, and to properly accent crème fraîche.) I might add another post about what I’ve been doing lately, but that’ll be for later.


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