Too many sidequests in Wind Waker

October 24

I remember thinking that there are too few sidequests in the newest DS versions of Zelda. But now I’ve found that there are too many sidequests in Wind Waker. It never ends! Also I managed to grab a lot of sunken treasures before, but now I’m suddenly unable get any sunken treasures, even after going back and forth and dropping the chain rope thing a dozen times! Stupid sunken treasures. Phantom Hourglass treasure hunting was so much easier.

I was trying to look up some treasure hunting screenshot, but I found this pretty nice photo instead. I don’t know who the cosplayer is though. Couldn’t find the origin for this photo, just a bunch of blogs who had used it.

Zelda cosplay

Went to church yesterday for the “dugnad”. I mainly changed some lightbulbs and helped putting rubber strips on the windows to make it not leak so much cold air in. I think it helped a bit, because even though we hadn’t turned on the heaters today, it still wasn’t as cold as it was a few days ago. Or maybe it’s wishful thinking, I want it to work because I don’t want to think that we wasted all that work. *shrugs* I’m glad quite a few youth came and helped, in any case!

I’m planning to go to Gamex in Stockholm November 4-7. Though Yann said that her friends mentioned that since the games showed on Gamex will come out in a month or so anyways, it might not be worth it to pay to go to that game show just to try those games out. I guess that’s true… *shrugs* Well I’m still thinking about going. What I really wish is that they would show the 3DS there, but it hasn’t been mentioned on their website so I guess it’s not a certainty. Still, at least they’ll celebrate Mario’s 25th Anniversary. That might be fun!

Mario 25th Anniversary

Oh, also I’ve bought a few more games for the iPad:

  • Cut The Rope HD – A physics puzzle game based around cutting of ropes and feeding a cute little green creature. It’s quite cute and decent fun.
  • Game Dev Story – An RPG/simulation game where you try to make a successful game development company, by hiring people and deciding what kind of games you want to make. The most successful game I made on my first full playthrough (20 virtual years inside that game) was actually an Audiobook Dating game, with 3 sequels. Which just means that I did pretty badly on all the other games I tried making, but much of the reason is because I kept trying strange combinations “just for fun”. Ah well, got quite hooked while playing it, even though a lot of the game feels quite random. Might take a break now that I finished my first playthrough.
  • Predators – Bought it because it was cheap, but it’s a pretty generic action game. Kind of regret buying it. But I guess cutting people in half might work as some kind of stress relief.
  • Scott Pilgrim – Not really a game, but a comic book reader. I actually bought all 6 volumes of the Scott Pilgrim comic. It’s all right, but not really as geeky (video game geeky) as I originally thought. It’s a love story with a references to indie music and video games, but since I’m not into music at all I didn’t get many of the music references. Also there are a bunch of gay people. Though the comic doesn’t really make a lot out of it. But anyways. The story really has more focus on the relationship between people than on action, as one might think from the trailer of the movie. So it’s a good read. I think I can kind of relate with the main character, in how much he’s oftentimes oblivious to what other people are thinking or feeling.
  • Marble Mixer, Achtung and MultiPong – A marble flicking game, snake game and a pong game for up to 4 players. Bought these because they seemed pretty fun when Enoch was showing those games. They’re quite well-polished games.


Haven’t seen the Scott Pilgrim movie (or Predators) yet, not sure if I want to see Scott Pilgrim since I already know the story. Ah well.

Scott Pilgrim 3 Teaser
Although I said that there aren’t as many game references in the comic as I thought, it is actually quite a bit and they’re fun! I guess what I really mean is that the comic is a bit more serious than I thought at first. The above image is one of the wallpapers from the Scott Pilgrim website.


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