My February and March gaming

March 11

Haven’t done anything really out of the ordinary since my trip to Venice. I’ve mostly been playing through my games, I might really be able to finish most of my games this year!

  • I beat Fallout on the PC, I’ll have to admit I got kind of tired of the game, because of the uneven difficulty and the fact that I felt too stressed trying to finish the game within the 100 (in-game) days limit that you get at the start. (I eventually figured out that I could buy more days.) So I ended up using a walkthrough for the last 1/3rd of the game. Think I’m going to take a break from Fallout for a while, before starting on Fallout 2.
       Goodbye, and good riddance!
  • Also beat Song Summoner Encore on the iPad, another game that I got tired of. It seemed interesting that I could create characters from my iPad songs, but in the end it didn’t really feel much different from just randomizing characters out of thin air. Story was pretty standard (boring). Final boss felt cheap because he could keep regenerating enemies, but I found out that one of the main (story) characters had an even cheaper special attack which hit almost every single enemy on-stage, so I beat it after a few tries.
       This attack hits everything! (Almost.)
  • Played through Penumbra: Overture, which is a horror adventure game (pick up items, use this item on that to get further in the game) with a FPS engine. It was actually quite scary, even though the graphics are a bit dated! Even more so than Dead Space and Bioshock! Because Dead Space and Bioshock are more action games in my opinion, with tons of weapons to kill enemies (Dead Space’s story: You’re just an engineer, not a soldier, so you don’t have any weapons to protect yourself. But here, take these common engineering tools! Which engineers use. To cut apart rocks. And spaceships! Compared to that, most of the monsters in that game might as well be basic thugs with knifes and swords.). But in Penumbra, you really start out with no weapon at all, and when the first enemy (a zombie dog or something) appears, you have to crouch and hide behind a crate, hoping that it won’t see you when it walks past you.
       Aaaagh the dog saw you run run RUN!
    The music and graphical effects when you are hiding really does make this quite heartracing! But later in the game you get a crowbar and a pickaxe, so I ended up beating the crap out of the dogs after all just so I didn’t have to waste time hiding and waiting for them to go away. Still, the main character feels a lot more normal and helpless than in Dead Space and Bioshock, which makes the game scarier, even though it doesn’t really focus as much on enemies as the other two games. It’s really mostly just a puzzle game with a horror story. The game is short though, and ends with a "to be continued". I hear that in the second game you really don’t get any weapons, so you have to hide from the enemies all the time. So I’m not sure if I want to get it even to get the rest of the story. Uh, because hiding and waiting takes too long time. *cough*


Other than these games, I’m still playing Batman: Arkham Asylum (don’t play it as much as PC games since I usually only play it when nobody else is home so I don’t hog the TV), and started playing Prey on the PC. Prey is a pretty basic FPS although it has some unique mechanics like the spirit-walking and wallwalking. Though after playing Dead Space with it’s jumping on walls and flying in space, the wallwalking in Prey doesn’t impress me much. It is an old game after all though. Will try to just play through it quickly I guess. The voice acting is, if not bad, then quite annoying. The main character is not likeable at all. Ah well.

OK, just so this post won’t be just about games, I’m going to tell one random thing about me! That is not about gaming. I have actually cried when watching anime (and some movies too? Though rarely since I mostly watch action and comedies). Not crying as in wailing and sobbing, but just tears coming from the eyes. I won’t tell you which animes though.

Oh, I preordered the 3DS! Waiting expectantly for it to release! Anyways, since it’s weekend, I might try and finish Prey tonight. Johan out.


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