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Surrounded by sound

I finally bought a surround system for my lliving room, set it up a few weeks ago actually. The Logitech Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speaker System was on sale at for NOK 1.999. Which might not sound so cheap to students and whatnot, but is a lot cheaper than a real surround system made for TV, which would’ve costed more than that just for the receiver.


Some drawbacks with buying a PC surround system is that (at least on this model) there is no HDMI input, so currently only the PC can send 5.1 signals to it. Though my only other surround-supporting hardware would be the XBox 360, since I don’t have digital TV here. Anyways I’ve ordered an optical converter for the XBox 360, so hopefully I can get surround from it too.

Tried watching a few movies with surround, and honestly, in most cases the surround isn’t really noticable. I’ve found that I get the most effect when I sit in the far back so I can hear the rear speakers clearly. Because then whenever they’re used for anything, I’ll hear the sound coming from my sides instead of just the front. When I sit in the actual middle of all speakers, I don’t notice the rear speakers as much, maybe because of my bad hearing.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind WakerI’m Link, stealing your pigs!

I’ve gotten to the part where I have to go to two different temples to repower the Master Sword in Wind Waker. For now I’ve been travelling around collecting treasures and stuff though. I actually managed to do the “water all the saplings” sidequest on my first (real) try! The actual first time I tried I didn’t even know that I had to water them all at once, and I hadn’t gotten the cyclone/teleport spell yet so I only managed to water three of the eight saplings.

One thing I thought was kind of funny was that in the beginning of the game, I gave two pigs to one of the families. But when I got back later, there was only one fat pig left. So did he eat the other pig? I sure hope not. Well I guess a nicer version is that the family ate the other pig. No wait, that’s kind of cruel too, even though I eat pork all the time. It must’ve run away. Yeah, that must be it. The other fat pig ate all the food, so it got upset and left. *sniffles*

Besides playing games, I haven’t really done much in particular the past few weeks. Just tried to stay home as much as I can to play Wind Waker and other games. Was at my grandfathers birthday party with the whole family, but was kind of too tired/lazy to talk much with the rest of the family. That was actually before I wrote my previous blogpost too.

Oh, I tested out the sauna at work:

Chicken rotating inside a grill

No wait, that’s not the right photo.

Sauna girls

That one is a bit closer, although maybe it was more like this:

Old people in a sauna

OK anyways, random internet photos aside, I was the only one in the sauna, and I didn’t take any photos of myself half-naked. And my biggest complaint about the sauna at work was that there was no clock there! And I didn’t want to bring my phone to the sauna and risk ruining it, so I tried to keep the time by counting seconds in my head. Which made it a bit harder to relax than I would’ve wanted. I’ll have to ask if they could add some kind of wall clock or an hourglass to the sauna.

Oh and since I’m talking about work, I was actually at work today! Working on Saturdays is something I generally avoid, but they were having an “Open day“ at work, so I was there to make sure all the technical equipment worked well. Which it (mostly) did, which is a good thing. Got free lunch. And cake. And waffle. And soda. Felt slightly nauseous after all that sugar.

I’ll finish this post with some random Photoshop job I did because I felt like it.

Sheep versus cow



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