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We are, we are on the cruise! We are.

Hmm, the title part of the song isn’t before the end of the video. Oh well. But whenever I think of the word “cruise”, I always think of this song. I got the phrase stuck in my head because it’s such a weird Engrish sentence…

But anyways, last week was mostly spent on a cruise with my family! We travelled with the Royal Caribbean International‘s Vision of the Seas (those links are in Norwegian, here’s the English description of the boat, and their English website). Vision of the Seas is one of their older ships, and didn’t quite have as many facilities as I was expecting, although it still had an okay amount of entertainment.

Cruise 19-05-2009 12.17.50

When boarding the ship, we could leave the luggage at the entrance, and they would have people ship them to our room. Kind of like a hotel, where the piccolo helps you carry your luggage to your room. I guess it’s clever, since it means we don’t have to worry about a lot of people boarding the ship while dragging big luggages around, making it crowded. Actually, the ship never felt crowded, part of the reason being that people had to go through some sort of security control before entering the ship, meaning that only a few people entered the ship at a time. And part of the reason being that the ship was, well, big enough for the passengers I guess.

Cruise 19-05-2009 13.32.58 Cruise 19-05-2009 13.32.32

My family (mother, father, brother and me) had a junior suite, with a double bed and a bed sofa. The stateroom attendant would prepare the sofabed every night, and put it back to “sofa mode” when we went to breakfast in the morning. Very servicy! They even put folded towel animals on our bed the last few nights. Of course, they expect people to tip, almost like they depend on it for their payment. (Last night even had a video about how you should tip, with suggested amounts.) But I understand that it’s normal for the US service industry? Oh well.

Cruise 22-05-2009 11.15.04 Cruise 19-05-2009 15.06.30

Each meal was included in the cruise ticket, or rather, the whole cruise was basically an all-you-can-eat buffet, where you could eat as often as you liked, as long as some restaurant is open. The swimming pool had fast-food like pizza, burgers and fries the whole afternoon and evening. And there was an ice cream machine on the outside deck of the ship, where you could eat as much as you wanted in the afternoon/evening. I already got quite full just from the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets though, so I didn’t really eat much between meals.

 Cruise 22-05-2009 15.26.18 Cruise 19-05-2009 15.22.58

Most of the time aboard was spent swimming, watching the night show (also free) and playing cards and other games. (I played Carcassonne and San Juan with Vilhelm.) I didn’t take any pictures of the pools because I didn’t want to bring my mobile phone with me when I was swimming, and it felt awkward taking photos when I was not swimming. Anyways, the pools were rather small, the inside pool only had space for two or three people swimming side by side at the same time. But as long as I went a bit early in the morning, there weren’t too many people. I also sat in the bubbly hot tubs (bacterias notwithstanding), steam bath and sauna for a bit. It was quite nice! I never got around to try the outdoor pool, partly because of the cold wind, but also because there were usually a lot more people there. I’m sure the water was heated anyway, so I guess it’s ok even if it’s cold… Too bad it was closed the one morning I wanted to try it before there were more people there. 🙁

 Cruise 22-05-2009 14.23.22Cruise 22-05-2009 14.34.30

The shows were all right, they had two dance shows, one magic show and one humor/acrobatics show. One dance show was called “Boogie Wonderland” and had “old” music. The other one was called “Rhytm and Rhyme” and had music from Broadway shows. The magic show was held by John Taylor, who is supposedly Australia’s premier illusionist. Too bad he shares a name with many other famous people, I couldn’t even find an article on him on Wikipedia! Maybe he should’ve gone for a flashy artist name, like David Copperfield. Also most of the tricks seemed somewhat old, but I guess it’s limited how many tricks he can choose when performing on a somewhat limited stage in a boat…

Last night had a “Farewell show” with an spinning plates and ladder climbing acrobatics show with Flash and Fever, some kind of entertainment troupe from Netherlands…? The website is pretty basic and very Web 1.0 (under construction?? Haven’t seen that in ages!), but their show was quite fun and entertaining enough, I guess. Then there was a final dance show, before representants from the whole crew came onstage to greet us goodbye.

Cruise 21-05-2009 07.53.36  Cruise 21-05-2009 11.25.52

We were in Hamburg for about a day, but since it was the Ascension day, almost everything was closed… so we just went around in a tour bus most of the day. Dim sum was kind of nice though, even though we already ate so much on the boat. There was also a street market, so at least there were some things to watch! Oh, also, on our way back, we got caught in a heavy rain/hailstorm! There was so much rain and wind that I got my pants soaked even though I used an umbrella…

Ick, I always write way too much in my posts… To short it down, I’ll finish with a wishlist:

  • Bigger pool would’ve been nice, so it doesn’t feel as crowded
  • Should try the outdoor pool/whirlpool at least once!
  • Bigger shops! I wanted to buy candy. (They only had a small shop with Royal Caribbean merchandise, liquor and jewelry) 🙁
  • It’d also be more interesting/(shopping) if the destination city isn’t on a public holiday when we arrive
  • The feature list said minigolf, but there was none! But honestly, I have no idea how you’re supposed to play minigolf on a rocking boat.

Oh, by the way, I bought an XBox 360.


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Norway FTW!

I didn’t really follow the Eurovision Song Contest much, but I watched most of the finals, mostly because I was skyping with a friend who then said she’d go and watch the contest. So I decided to turn on the TV to have the contest as background noise while doing dishes and other house work. It was kind of fun watching Norway crush the other finalists when voting started I guess, but most of the songs just seemed pretty generic. *shrugs*

May 17th was okay, went out a bit with the youth group, talked with Tina who’d been studying in Bournemouth for a year and finally came back to Oslo. (She did come back for Christmas, but then I was in Hong Kong.) Then we went to my parents house for barbeque (had to find a bus stop which wasn’t blocked off by the celebration parade), and we played some games and ate barbeque food. It was okay I guess.

Didn’t take any photos though… Well, here’s a random photo of some yummy cheese toasts I had for breakfast some time ago.


Oh, I went to the doctor last Friday for a general health check. Apparently I’m perfectly healthy! But the results from my blood samples aren’t here yet. I wanted to find out what exact kind of pollen allergy I had, and if I had any form for gluten or lactose intoleranse. Since I feel that I often have to go to the toilet after breakfast. But then again, maybe I just need to wash my hands more properly before eating with my hands.

Just for the sake of adding another photo, here’s a new one of my living room, with the new furniture and also curtains that I got from my parents:


I guess I’ll head to bed now, it’s getting late.


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Bought more stuff, move in party

Finally bought a sofa and a carpet! Hmm, didn’t exactly take a photo of the sofa, but I ended up buying a beige Ektorp bed sofa from IKEA, and a white carpet. Now I’ve got most of the stuff I need, so I think I won’t be going to IKEA to buy anything for a while, probably. I might buy a microwave and maybe a new vacuum from Elkjøp. Although the vacuum I have now is working perfectly well, having a rechargable vacuum just seems a lot more convenient than having to deal with a power cord. (Actually the auto-retraction on the vacuum’s power cord isn’t working, so I’m using a velcro band to hold it when I store it…) But none of these are really important, so I guess I’ll buy those when I feel like it.

Had a move-in party on Sunday, with mostly people from the youth group. Forgot to take photos, although I took a video clip of us playing Bomberman with seven controllers. I should buy that eight controller some time. Bomberman is great fun! We played a bit Super Smash Bros Brawl too, which was quite fun too, although it only supports four players.

I also made curry and some sort of baked potatoes/pork steaks thing. And cheesecake! I still have cheesecake leftover. Have to try not to eat it all at once. Oh, I finally started exercising in the morning again. But that means I should probably start going to bed earlier too… Currently I’m trying to go through my photo albums to copy photos for the digital photo frame that I bought for my mother, but which I didn’t get before after her birthday. I just finished year 2000-2004 after roughly 3 days. Only five years left to go… *sigh*



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