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Salmon with crème fraîche and soy sauce

It’s another sunny day in Oslo, so I’m eating dinner on the balcony again! 

Bought some Euroshopper frozen salmon yesterday. It’s actually quite convenient because each salmon piece is separately wrapped, so I can just cut off and thaw one piece for one dinner, and don’t need to worry about repacking the rest of it.

I had some leftover crème fraîche from making “the perfect scrambled eggs” for several breakfasts. So I googled up some recipes on salmon and crème fraîche, and ended up making the dinner you see on the photo. It looks a bit bland, but it is quite delicious!

I’m writing this post on my N95 while eating dinner, actually. (Edited a bit on the PC to add the link to the “scrambled eggs” video, and to properly accent crème fraîche.) I might add another post about what I’ve been doing lately, but that’ll be for later.


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Bathrobes are comfy!

Friday last week I met with Gigi and Phillip for some sort of reunion. Gigi has been in Shanghai for 8 months since last time she was in Oslo, if I remember correctly. It was fun seeing her and Phillip again. Although Phillip was in Oslo, we haven’t really had an excuse to meet before now… everyone are too busy nowadays. More people were invited to the reunion, but only me and Phillip could meet on such a short notice, apparently. Forgot to take a photo too. Ah well.

The Saturday after that I went to a barbeque party with my family and some family friends. Ate a bunch of really salty chicken, some salmon and some squid, plus salad and various other food. Then I played with the kids a bit. (Misin and Lisa and Vilhelm.) Some badminton and basket, then played some cards when it got colder outside. It was nice I guess.

Jeg har bilringer!

^ I have no idea what Misin was trying to do here.

v Lisa trying to slamdunk on a basket that is low enough for me to reach almost without jumping. (This video was removed on request from Lisa.)

Sunday we had a family reunion/dinner party with some relatives that we don’t see so often. Ate a lot, talked a bit with my cousins, and had a look at my new cute little twin cousins!

Twins Most of the Shum family

My grandfather (mother’s father) is the oldest guy sitting in the wheelchair.

Monday I went and played board games with Kristoffer, Jørgen and Jørgen. I got last place in Puerto Rico, even though another person was playing for the first time… I spent too much time trying to work up money to buy many expensive buildings, but the game ended when the first-timer took the mayor even though we were low on slaves. Well, I probably need to work up cash quicker if I want to play that strategy anyhows, so I can’t blame others… We played Carcassonne after that, where I got a very good second place (10 points behind first place, and quite a bit in front of the other two)! If only I had start putting more farmers at the end, I might’ve gotten first place. But eh, I’m glad I didn’t end up last in both games.

Today the church went out for barbeque. I also played a bit of soccer, but was too tired to stick around for the second half of the match. Paddled a bit with Sean and Marcus too, they came visiting from Stockholm!

200620091590 200620091608

For the barbeque I prepared a quick burger (no salad or anything), a pork steak, vegetables wrapped in aluminium foil (squash, mushrooms and onions with margarine and garlic), and a banana with two pieces of Toblerone and one piece of truffle (also wrapped in aluminium foil). Both the burger and the pork steak got a little burned, but tasted okay. The vegetables could’ve needed more seasoning though, maybe more garlic and salt… but I just added ketchup and sennep. The banana however turned out delicious! Chocolate is yum. Got some sausages and other food from other people too, got pretty full.

Steamy vegetable goodness. The squash might've been a bit overcooked though. It might look like poop, but chocolate is überly delicious!

Was supposed to meet William today, but he was busy after all, so we said Monday. I’m considering going home to my parents to see my relatives from Stockholm a bit more, but it is also tempting to just chill at home… Just played an hour or two of Super Paper Mario, should be very close to the end of the game now. Ah, need to make the nametags for Summer camp too. *sigh* I guess I should try and finish them quickly.

Edit: Oh, almost forgot about the title I picked. I bought a bathrobe, it was, uh, on sale! 99NOK instead of 399NOK! Since I bought it online I had to pay postage though, but I also bought a bunch of other stuff that was on sale, so I think I might have still saved some money. (And the postage isn’t as much as 300NOK anyways.) But yeah, it’s nice to wear bathrobes in the morning and after showers. It’s my favorite clothing article now! Woohoo! …but I think I feel a bit too awkward to actually add a photo of me wearing bathrobe. Maybe later. 😛


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Painting, Gøteborg and Halden

I’ve been pretty busy since my last post, or at least that’s what it felt like… Although mostly with travelling, so I guess I can’t complain.

The weekend after the cruise, we helped out painting the Sunday school room at church. I think it turned out pretty nice, thanks to everyone who helped!

Minh Thu painting mode!

We also went to Elizabeth’s baptism. Congratulations Elizabeth! Keep walking in faith!

Some random people taking photos with Elizabeth

The weekend after t hat we went to Gothenburg, in all eight people from Oslo driving in Yibo’s minibus. It was pretty fun! Went to the season finale youth meeting with the SCCC youth in Gothenburg, had lunch at a Chinese restaurant, and then went to Liseberg. Bought a 1-day ride pass, it’s actually quite expensive… but we (or at least some of us) took a lot of rides, so it was worth it! Took Balder three times in total! A thing that was kinda funny is that the day after we went there, one of the rides – Kanonengot stuck on the top of the ride (Norwegian article). Also I think a girl had gotten her hair stuck in the safety chair hinge thing on one of the rides that we wanted to take. Good thing I don’t have long hair. It didn’t stop us from taking the ride after they got her loose in any case… At least none of these were as bad as the Rainbow accident last year (Norwegian article, with video though).

Look, the rollercoaster is falling down! Or not.

The day after I came back from Gothenburg, I went to Halden for the Uninett conference. Some of the talks were quite interesting! Also we ate lots of food, it was nice. 🙂 Note to self: I really need to start doing exercise again. (Haven’t done exercise much lately because I’ve been travelling a lot…) Oh, and I watched the Turandot opera at the top of the Fredriksten fortress. It was good, although I had no idea what they were singing, and had to look up the actual story on the internet afterwards. And it was cold, since we were sitting outside… but the music and the way they built the stage into the fortress was cool.


Oh, I actually bought the Resident Evil 5 Collector’s Edition, and it had arrived in the mailbox when I got back from Gothenburg! It was on sale! Unfortunately the European collector’s edition only has a steel box and a “Making of” DVD. I watched the DVD a couple of times (while doing other things, like cooking dinner and doing laundry), it’s pretty short. Kind of wish it came with something like figurines or bags like the US collector’s edition, or even posters or anything! But the steel box is kind of neat too I guess. Haven’t even tried the game yet…

I think I’m starting to get a little more free time now soon, so I might get around to play through more of my games. Finished King Kong at least.


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