Painting, Gøteborg and Halden

June 13

I’ve been pretty busy since my last post, or at least that’s what it felt like… Although mostly with travelling, so I guess I can’t complain.

The weekend after the cruise, we helped out painting the Sunday school room at church. I think it turned out pretty nice, thanks to everyone who helped!

Minh Thu painting mode!

We also went to Elizabeth’s baptism. Congratulations Elizabeth! Keep walking in faith!

Some random people taking photos with Elizabeth

The weekend after t hat we went to Gothenburg, in all eight people from Oslo driving in Yibo’s minibus. It was pretty fun! Went to the season finale youth meeting with the SCCC youth in Gothenburg, had lunch at a Chinese restaurant, and then went to Liseberg. Bought a 1-day ride pass, it’s actually quite expensive… but we (or at least some of us) took a lot of rides, so it was worth it! Took Balder three times in total! A thing that was kinda funny is that the day after we went there, one of the rides – Kanonengot stuck on the top of the ride (Norwegian article). Also I think a girl had gotten her hair stuck in the safety chair hinge thing on one of the rides that we wanted to take. Good thing I don’t have long hair. It didn’t stop us from taking the ride after they got her loose in any case… At least none of these were as bad as the Rainbow accident last year (Norwegian article, with video though).

Look, the rollercoaster is falling down! Or not.

The day after I came back from Gothenburg, I went to Halden for the Uninett conference. Some of the talks were quite interesting! Also we ate lots of food, it was nice. 🙂 Note to self: I really need to start doing exercise again. (Haven’t done exercise much lately because I’ve been travelling a lot…) Oh, and I watched the Turandot opera at the top of the Fredriksten fortress. It was good, although I had no idea what they were singing, and had to look up the actual story on the internet afterwards. And it was cold, since we were sitting outside… but the music and the way they built the stage into the fortress was cool.


Oh, I actually bought the Resident Evil 5 Collector’s Edition, and it had arrived in the mailbox when I got back from Gothenburg! It was on sale! Unfortunately the European collector’s edition only has a steel box and a “Making of” DVD. I watched the DVD a couple of times (while doing other things, like cooking dinner and doing laundry), it’s pretty short. Kind of wish it came with something like figurines or bags like the US collector’s edition, or even posters or anything! But the steel box is kind of neat too I guess. Haven’t even tried the game yet…

I think I’m starting to get a little more free time now soon, so I might get around to play through more of my games. Finished King Kong at least.


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